Thank you for choosing CNN Mortgage to help you with your home loan. My team and I are dedicated to make
this process as painless as possible. Please provide all of the information below to help us with the processing of
your new home loan.

Copy of Drivers license and Social Security card for borrower and co-borrower. (Please lighten and enlarge, they
must be legible)

30 days most recent pay-stubs for borrower and co-borrower. (If Applicable)

Social Security, Disability, or Pension Award Letter if receiving. (Must show monthly amount you are receiving and
must continue for a minimum of 3 years.)

Last two years W2’s for borrower and co-borrower. (Must include all employers and dates of employment
covering at least two years.)

Need two years of employment history with names, addresses, phone numbers, job title, and salary earned.
(Please explain any job gaps.)

Last two months of all bank statements. (Must include full name, full account number, and all pages even if blank.
Must source all large deposits with a copy of the check along with deposit slip.)

Most recent statements for any Retirement, IRA accounts, or other liquid assets. (Must include all pages even if

Last two years tax returns for personal and business returns, K-1’s (if self employed), including a
Year to Date Profit & Loss statement.

Mortgage Statement for any additional properties owned (along with insurance Declarations page and tax bill if
not impounded in mtg payment) and HOA payment documentation.

Need two year residency history with name and number of landlords, including addresses with
amount paid per month. (For borrowers currently renting.)

Need original “Note” from when the house was purchased or latest refi, current Mortgage Statement,
and Home Owner’s Insurance declarations page. (For borrowers refinancing.)

Homeowner Insurance Agent’s name and phone number.

DD214 & VA Certificate of Eligibility. (If applying for VA Loan.) If you are currently paying child support, we need
proof that payments are being made along with final child support papers and stamped divorce decree.

If you are receiving child support, we need final decree showing amount being paid and for how long it will
continue. (Stamped by the court) Please feel free to call us with any questions regarding this list or any other
concerns you may have.